African Leadership Awards is a major concept for rewarding and celebrating illustrious African and diaspora decision-makers, who have distinguished themselves in the continent and internationally, who are sources of pride and give the image of a successful Africa.

The organisation of this event on an international scale, constitutes a moment of communion and networking of the decision makers of all the activity sectors constituting the driving force and the energy of African entrepreneurship. Under the aegis of the Promo Consulting Group in partnership with the Senegalese Business Movement – MDES and the West African Monetary, the African Leadership Awards mark a new turning point in African “Doing Business”.

This November 27, 2021 in New York, the dynamism and the influence of the African continent are in the spotlight.

Under the effective presidency of several African Heads of State and the WAEMU President, the “African Leadership Awards” will be presented at a gala dinner hosted by leading African artists of international renown with the participation of personalities of international dimension, avant-garde, pan-Africanist, experts in summit meetings, the Groupe Promo Consulting has always promoted African excellence in the continent and invites you to join them at this exceptional event to celebrate and unite talents and personalities of the African diaspora in Paris.

          LOGO CONCEPT


South Africa, East, West and North for a global target of the African continent.

The 4 plates will also be used for the dressing of the African Leadership Trophy; dynamic colors for the representation of the African people.

In tribute to Ethiopia many countries have used the colors of the Ethiopian flag.

  • Green represents hope but also the greenery of the African continent.

  • The red, it reminds the courage of the ancestors of the country by symbolizing the blood shed by the slaves.

  • Yellow is the symbol of power and gold, riches of Africa.

  • Black represents the black people as a nation.

Simple and elegant font of character to establish the importance of the event.