The Senegalese Business Movement is an employer organisation bringing together essentially SMEs and SMIs and whose slogan is “MEDS, the bet of action”. It was created in 2000. Twenty years of existence during which the MEDS has reached maturity to become one of the most representative employers’ organizations and mark its footprint in the Senegalese economic area. Since its creation, this Movement, whose main objective was the promotion of private investment and the development of SMEs / SMIs, has become a movement of rupture and innovation:

  • rupture and innovation in philosophy;
  • rupture et innovation in the vision;
  • rupture et innovation in the action;
  • rupture et innovation in the process;
  • rupture et innovation in creativity.

It has especially been revealed as a driving force for proposals and initiatives. Indeed, the ambition of the MEDS is to build a solid network of SMEs/SMIs in our country by promoting entrepreneurship and mobilizing the national investment potential towards the productive sectors. MEDS project is to make of Senegal a vast field or prosper private initiative. This option results from its belief that without the company, there can be no development. In a word, his great ambition is to produce the modern business man of the 21st century, adapted to the challenge of globalization and the changes of the contemporary era.
During its nineteen years of existence, to consolidate its place, the movement has developed innovative concepts and taken important initiatives such as the ceremony of “Cauris d’Or” which is considered today as a reference in the recognition of excellence.


The Promo Consulting group has expertise in multi-sector put forward by professionals, mastering the strategic dimensions related to each of the different functions of the company.

The group is made up of 40 permanent staff member, around fifteen consultants and ten experts in specific fields, dedicated to carrying out the tasks assigned to the group.

This customer management, which we want personalized, is based on three departments managed by senior managers.

“The very essence of Promo Consulting Group is to foster the emergence of a new company for sustained development”.

The Promo Consulting Group aims to guide and assist companies in strategic communication and marketing consulting.